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wipe outrise toin additioncut back ontake...stepset upstock up withunder waythe number ofa success
1The man worked him 16 hours a day and beat him in_addition.
2You must take_ every step to keep down expense (费用)as we have got limited money.
3Father is_stocking_up__with wine and brandy for the New Year party these days.
4The workers are going all out to make the output rise_to three times what it was 5 years ago.
5All the preparations are well under_way.
6The army factory has_been_wiped_out by our bombs so far.
7Students in our school gave their clothes to the poor children in that areaand the_number_of the poor kids there was about 900.
8The school has_set_up a special class to help poor readers recently.
9Professor Zhou donates 20,000 yuan to the school every year and he is regarded as a_success.
10As these new products are not selling wellthe members of the board have decided to_cut_down_on production.
1As an economistI'm often seen as being against the environment.
As I am working as an economistpeople always regard me as the one who is against the environment.
2If you have any questions or commentsyou can use this time to voice them.
If you have any questions or commentsyou can raise/voice them by using the time left.
3My suggestion is that we should try to cut back on production and reduced the amount of things we make and buy.
I suggest that we (should)try to cut back on production and reduce the amount of things we make and buy.
4The world's population has grown to more than six times what it was in 1800.
The world's population now is six times as much as what it was in 1800.
5Asking aroundI find many people willing to pay slightly higher prices for things that are environmentally friendly.
When askedmany people are willing to pay slightly higher prices for things that are environmentally friendly.
1.显然,你很关注长江的环境问题。(obviousbe concerned about)
2.我的建议是环境保护者和经济学家并肩工作,创造一个环境卫生、经济稳定的社会。(side by side)
3.政府应该制定法律禁止未经处理的生活垃圾和工业垃圾倒入长江。(prohibit... from...be deposited into)
4.难道你不认为我们所提出的是解决问题的最佳可行方案吗?(raisethe best possible solution to)
5.我个人认为全球气温转暖会对地球造成意想不到的后果。(personallyhave an effect on)
1Don't you think it ______ for us to stop eating fish for fear of being choked by fish bones.
Adelicious Bpoisonous Cridiculous Dhumorous
答案 C [句意:你不认为对我们来说,因为害怕被鱼刺哽住就不吃鱼肉是荒唐可笑的吗?根据句意可知应选C]
2The fishermen keep fishing in large quantities and they have almost ______ all the fish.
Aturned out                                      Bwiped out
Cput out                                           Dset out
答案 B [句意:渔民一直大量地捕鱼,几乎把所有的鱼都消灭了。根据句意应用wipe out,意为彻底消灭]
3It was already midnight and only three young men ______ in the tea house.
Aleft                                                 Bremained
Cdelayed                                          Ddeserted
答案 B [句意:已经是午夜了,茶馆里只剩下三个年轻人。leave离开;delay耽搁,延误;desert抛弃。由前半句的意思可知茶馆里人不多了,所以用remain,表示剩下]
4It is you rather than he that ______ for this terrible accident.
Ais blamed                                       Bis to blame
Care to blame                                   Dshould blame
答案 C [考查主谓一致。rather than连接两个主语时,谓语动词的形式取决于前面的主语,由此可以排除AB两项;be to blame意为该受责备。因此,本题选C]
5It is already summer now in this areaand today's temperature has ______ 38 ℃
Aapproached                                   Braised
Cestablished                                     Dset
答案 A [句意:现在,这个地区已经是夏天了,今天的温度接近38摄氏度approach表示接近,靠近raise为及物动词,意为提高,强调借助外力。温度应该是38摄氏度,故选A]
6—What's wrong with your phone? I couldn't get through.
—OhI was ______ for not paying my phone bill.
Acut down                                       Bcut off
Ccut away                                        Dcut through
答案 B [句意:——你的电话怎么了,我打不通。——噢,我未付话费,被停机了。根据句意可知,应用cut off意为中断(供给)]
7Of the forty that had received further education,27 said it would be ______ to what they were now doing.
Aawful Bdiverse Cbeneficial Dobvious
答案 C [句意:在接受进修的40个人中,27人说这对他们现在从事的工作有益。be beneficial to表示……有利,有帮助]
8Linda can't attend the party ______ at Tom's house at present because she is preparing a speech for the party______ at Marie's house tomorrow.
Abeing heldto be held
Bto be heldheld
Cheldbeing held
Dto be heldto be held
答案 A [句意:Linda不可能参加正在Tom家举办的聚会,因为明天Marie家将举办一场聚会,而她正在为那场晚会上的发言做准备。现在分词和动词不定式作定语时,分别表示正在和将要进行的动作。holdparty构成逻辑上的动宾关系,故用被动形式。]
9He explained that he was going to see Eloisein the hope that she might be ______ to sell him something.
Aanxious Bwilling Cobvious Dstable
答案 B [句意:他解释说,他要去看Eloise,希望她愿意卖点儿东西给他。be willing to do sth 意为:愿意/乐意做某事]
10There was a much lively ______ about whether women should spend more time staying at home.
Adebate                                           Bvoice
Cresponsibility                                  Dinspection
答案 A [句意:有一场关于妇女是否应该花更多的时间待在家的热烈的辩论。debate意为辩论]
11Have you finished it? Time is ______.
Arunning out                                     Brunning over
Crunning up                                      Drunning off
答案 A [句意:你做完了吗?快没时间了。run out在此意为用完,耗尽]
12Penicillin can be taken in various forms and is ______ against a wide range of diseases.
Afriendly                                          Befficient
Ceffective                                         Dobvious
答案 C [句意:青霉素可以通过各种不同的形式服用,治疗一系列的疾病都很有效。effective(方法、药物等)有效的efficient表示(人、机器等做事)有效率的。故选Cfriendly意为友好的obvious意为明显的]
13Valerie has a very beautiful voiceand I can ______ her sound from among the general conversations.
Afigure out                                       Bwipe out
Cpoint out                                        Dpick out
答案 D [从众人的对话中辨别出某人的声音用pick outpick out这里意为辨别出,认出来figure out意为弄懂,弄清楚wipe out彻底消灭point out表示指出]
14Much of what follows is set ______ questions which need to be considered by all of us.
Ain the effort of                                Bin the form of
Cin the name of                                Din addition to
答案 B [set... in the from of questions表示……设计成问题的形式in the effort of无此搭配;in the name of表示……的名义in addition to表示……以外()]
15I am so busy with my homework that I cannot help ______.
Ado the housework
Bdoing the housework
Cto do some housework
Ddoing some housework
答案 A [help (to) do意为帮忙做某事can't help doing意为情不自禁做某事。根据题意可知,A项正确。]
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