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An air of disappointment hung over a gala event in Hong Kong Saturday evening honoring two leading members of the local community following the news that guest speaker Henry Kissinger had been hospitalized after falling ill with stomach pains in South Korea.

原定作为嘉宾发言人的基辛格(Henry Kissinger)在访问韩国时因胃痛住院,因而无法参加周六晚上在香港举办的向当地两名重要人士授奖的盛会。这一消息发布后,颁奖活动会场上笼罩着一丝失望的气氛。

J. Stapleton Roy, a senior U.S. diplomat who has served in multiple postings across Asia and now works with Kissinger, informed the audience attending the Hong Kong dinner hosted by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars that the keynote speaker was eager to continue with his travels to Hong Kong, but remained in Seoul on the advice of doctors there.

美国资深外交家芮孝俭(J. Stapleton Roy)向出席晚宴的来宾表示,主讲嘉宾基辛格本渴望继续其香港行程,但在医生的劝告下留在了首尔。作为前美国官员,芮孝俭曾在亚洲担任多个职位,目前与基辛格一同工作。晚宴由伍德罗•威尔逊国际学者中心(Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars)在香港举办。

The dinner attendees had been keen to hear from the 86-year-old Kissinger, a former secretary of state under U.S. presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, who continues to enjoy huge stature in China for his role in facilitating a diplomatic rapprochement between the U.S. and China.


The Washington D.C.-based Wilson center, a part of the Smithsonian Institution, describes itself as a nonpartisan research institution focused on both national and global affairs.

威尔逊中心总部位于华盛顿特区,隶属于史密森尼学会(Smithsonian Institution)。该中心形容自己是一家专注于美国和全球事务的无党派研究机构。

Receiving the Wilson center's award for public service Saturday was Andrew Li, the departing chief justice of Hong Kong's Court of Final Appeal. Li, who has served as the senior-most member of Hong Kong's judiciary since the 1997 handover of the former British territory to Chinese sovereignty, will retire in August this year.


Victor Fung, chairman of the Li & Fung Group, received the Wilson center's corporate citizenship award in recognition of his philanthropic work. Together with his brother William, Fung has built the family business they inherited into a logistics and supply-chain manager that is perhaps the world's most powerful middleman between retailers in the West and manufacturers in Asia and developing markets around the world.

威尔逊中心把企业公民奖颁发给利丰集团(Li & Fung Group)主席冯国经,以嘉许他为慈善事业所做的工作。冯国经和弟弟冯国纶一起把他们继承的家族生意发展成一个物流供应链管理商。在西方零售商与亚洲及全世界发展中市场的制造商之间,利丰集团可能是世界上最具影响力的中间商。

Some of the kindest comments Saturday evening were reserved not for the two Wilson honorees, but for the leading local VIP in attendance, former Hong Kong Chief Executive Tung Chee Hwa. Tung, who resigned from his post in 2005 under a cloud following a series of pro-democracy protests, now serves as vice chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and helped advise the Wilson center on how to conduct the awards dinner Saturday.


During his acceptance speech, Li got the ball rolling by praising Tung for his role in smoothing the transition to Chinese rule, eliciting some modest applause among the audience. Fung, in his own acceptance speech, then followed suit with a special mention of Tung's contributions to Hong Kong's post-handover success. In his concluding remarks, Roy eulogized Tung as well. By evening's end, it would have been easy to assume Tung was himself a recipient of a Wilson center award.


There were some interesting historical echoes for an event at which Henry Kissinger was supposed to speak. Kissinger's former boss resigned from his post under intense political pressure, and so did Tung.


Despite the ignominy of Watergate, President Nixon still wins praise for building bridges to China. And Saturday night, Tung, despite his flawed record as Hong Kong's top leader, won praise for promoting ties between mainland China and Hong Kong, its newly returned territory.


That said, some of the kind words for Tung no doubt are to be expected, given his influence as a top figure in a central government advisory body.