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谷歌退出 微软或得利

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如果谷歌(Google Inc.)决定关闭在华搜索引擎的大门,这有可能会为微软(Microsoft Corp.)打开一扇门。

If Google Inc. decides to close the door on its search engine in China, it might open a door for Microsoft Corp.


The software giant's Bing search engine is among the potential beneficiaries if Google goes ahead with its threat to close its Google.cn site amid a dispute with the Chinese government over censorship.


Although Bing has struggled to gain traction in China, Microsoft has already hired away at least three people from Google's China business, according to a person familiar with the matter.

在谷歌作出声明之后,包括首席执行长鲍尔默(Steve Ballmer)和董事长盖茨(Bill Gates)在内的微软高层都说,他们打算留在中国,并继续遵守当地法规,也就是意味着过滤掉某些政治和宗教内容。

In the wake of Google's announcement, Microsoft's leaders, including Chief Executive Steve Ballmer and Chairman Bill Gates, have said they intend to remain in China and will continue to comply with local regulations, which means filtering out certain political and religious material.


A Microsoft spokesman said the company will compete in whatever markets it is in, including China. 'If we do a great job with the product, then we will hopefully attract more share,' he said.


Plus, Microsoft needs Beijing's cooperation on combating rampant software piracy in China, which has hobbled sales in the country of the company's two big profit machines: Windows and Office.


Yet Microsoft could face political heat in the U.S. for appearing too eager to fill Google's void, groups that focus on human rights say.


The fate of the Google.cn site has been clouded since January. Google, citing Beijing's tightening limits on expression and a series of cyber attacks on it and other foreign companies, said it would no longer filter search results on the site. That move set off private negotiations with Chinese officials, which the company said are continuing.


A Google spokesman on Monday said the company was 'in active discussions with the Chinese government.'


Google.cn still appeared to be accessible on Monday, and search-engine results continued to be filtered. A person familiar with Google's plans said the company hasn't yet changed its approach to filtering.

Google.cn的关闭不一定意味着谷歌在华业务的终止。周一,谷歌首席财务长皮切特(Patrick Pichette)说,谷歌Android手机操作系统应该会在中国繁荣发展起来。他说,Android是开源软件,很多合作伙伴都可以获得,应该会在中国有出色表现。

A closure of Google.cn wouldn't necessarily spell the end of the company's business in China. On Monday, the company's chief financial officer, Patrick Pichette, said Google's Android mobile operating system 'should flourish' in China. He noted that Android is open-source software available to a variety of partners and should do well in that country.


If Google.cn closes, some of its existing traffic could shift to Google.com servers run outside of China, assuming that the government doesn't block all access to the site. Currently, Chinese users can access Google.com, although searches for certain sensitive terms return just error messages.

易观国际(Analysys International)的数据显示,谷歌占据了中国网上搜索收入的约36%,百度占有这一收入的58%。周一,百度的股价在纳斯达克市场上涨4.8%,收于576.84美元。谷歌的股价下跌2.8%,收于556美元。

Google accounts for about 36% of search revenue in China, with Baidu Inc. holding 58%, according to Analysys International. On Monday, shares in Baidu gained 4.8% in trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market, closing at $576.84. Shares in Google slipped 2.8%, closing at $556.

而微软则一直在一点点从谷歌手中夺取网络搜索市场。研究公司comScore Inc.称,自从微软去年五月推出搜索引擎必应(Bing)以来,该公司在美国网络搜索市场的占有率已经从8%提高到今年二月的11.5%。comScore还说,谷歌的市场占有率在此期间则从65.5%下降到65%。

Microsoft, meanwhile, has been gaining a bit of ground on Google in the search market. Since the company unveiled Bing last May, the company's share of searches conducted in the U.S. has risen from 8% to 11.5% in February, according to research company comScore Inc. Google's share went from 65% to 65.5% over that period, the research firm said.


In China, however, Microsoft has made little headway. Microsoft launched cn.Bing.com in June, but it doesn't show up on the Analysys ranking of search engine revenue in the country-meaning it has less than 1% of the market, according to the researcher.

微软扩大其在华搜索业务方面遇到的障碍之一是“必应”这个名称。bing在汉语拼音里的发音与“病”、“冰”和“饼”这三个字接近,具体发什么音取决于你读它的声调。微软将bing的中文发音定为“必应”(bi ying),意思是必定作出回应。

Among the hurdles that Microsoft has faced as it tries to build up its search business in China is the Bing names itself. The word 'bing' means sick, cold, or pancake in Chinese, depending on the tone with which the word is pronounced. Microsoft changed the name to 'bi ying,' which means must respond.

摩托罗拉公司(Motorola Inc.)上周宣布与微软达成一项协议,将“必应”搜索服务列为摩托罗拉在华销售手机的一项功能,这些手机运行的是谷歌的操作软件。

As part of efforts to expand in China, Motorola Inc. last week announced a deal with Microsoft to include Bing on the cellphones Motorola sells in China, which run on Google's software.

中国人权(Human Rights in China)的执行主任谭竟嫦(Sharon Hom)说,微软如果不吸取谷歌的在华教训,将是“相当鲁莽”的。

Microsoft would be 'rather rash' if it didn't learn from Google's experience in China, said Sharon Hom, the executive director of the New York-based Human Rights in China.


'It should have a full answer to how it will address the very well-known risks,' she said. 'They cannot just say we are here and have to abide by the local law.'


Chinese authorities on Friday told local news Web sites that Google's Chinese site is likely to close and that, if it does, the news sites will be required to use only official accounts of the situation, rather than publish stories from anywhere else, according to a person familiar with the order.


Several of Google's Chinese partners say they're preparing for the possible closing, but say it is not likely to shake up the market.


The director of public relations at Sina.com, a Web portal that is one of China's most popular sites, said he doesn't expect the closure of Google.cn would have a significant impact on his own business.


Sina features a Google search bar at the top of its homepage, which leads users to Google.cn. But the spokesman said only a small portion of its revenue comes from Web search, and in addition, Sina has its own search engine called iask.


Closure of Google.cn 'will have an impact on our business, but the impact won't be big,' said Xing Ming, chief executive of Google partner Tianya, a popular online forum in which Google owns a stake.


'We will continue to move forward,' he said, adding that 'I believe that Google will take responsibility for its partners and customers.'

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