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270 by force 强迫地 put…in(into) force 实施 force sb. to do sth.强迫某人做某

271 forget +doing/having done/to have done 忘记曾经做过某事;forget to do 忘记要做某事

272 forgive sb. for(doing) sth. 宽恕某人干

273 fill out(in) a form 填表;in the form of 以。。。形式

274 the former…the latter 前者。。。后者

275 be fortunate in 在。。。方面很幸运; try one's fortune碰运; make a fortune 发财

276 be/feel free to do sth. 自由地做某事;be free from 不受影响 ;be free from danger 脱离危险 ;set free 释放; get sth. for free 免费获得某物;免费 free of charge 在in one's free/spare time 某人闲暇时间

277 make friends with与。。交朋友 be friendly to sb. 对某人很友好

278 be frightened at( of doing) sth.对。。感到恐惧 frighten sb. into doing sth.威胁某人做某事

279 be made of由。。制成(看得出原材料); be made from由。。制成(看不出原材料);be made in 产于某地 be made up of 由。。组成

280 in front of 在。。前面(在范围之外);in the front of 在。。。的前部分(在范围之内)

281 be full of=be filled with 充满 ;

282 for fun开玩笑 make fun of sb. 同某人开玩笑

283 furnish sb. with sth.= furnish sth. to sb.用。。。装备某人

284 in the future 在将来

285 gain/lose weight增加/减少体重

286 in general 大体上

287 get hold of抓住

288 get rid of 除去

289 get along on 进行;相处

290 get in a word 插话

291 get down to sth.(doing sth.)开始认真干

292 get over克服;摆脱

293 have a gift for 对。。有天赋

294 give away 送掉;分发(奖品等)

295 give in屈服

296 give off 发出(蒸汽;气味);

297 give out 散发;分发

298 give up 放弃

299 give way to 让位于

300 give one's regards/greeting to向。。。问候(好)

301 take/give a glance at对。。。一瞥 at the first glance第一眼 glance at对。。。一瞥

302 go on doing sth.继续做同一件事情 go on to do sth. 继续做另一件事情 ; go on with继续做某事

303 be good at善于 be good for对。。有益;for the good of 为。。利益 It's no/some/any good+doing sth.做(干)是无()有用的

304 graduate from毕业于

305 grasp at 抓住;beyond grasp 某人不能理解

306 a great deal 大量 a great deal of+不可数名词 a great( good) many+可数名词的复数

307 offer greetings to sb. 向某人致敬

308 grow up 长大 ;grow into 发展为

309 on guard 在岗上; keep guard放哨

310 guide sb. to a place引导某人到某一地方; guide sb. in(out)领着某人进(出)

311 get into (form) the habit of 养成。。。的习惯; break away from a habit 改掉一个习惯; out of habit出于习惯

312 by hand 用手(工); from hand to hand 从一人手传到另一人手中;hand in 上交;hand out 分发; give(lend ) sb. a hand 给予某人帮助 on the one hand…on the other hand一方面。。。另一方面

313 hang on=hold on 不挂断(电话) hang up=ring off挂断(电话)

314 have a word( a few words) with ; 和。。讲句话 have words with sb. 与。。。吵架 have much/nothing to do with与。。。很有(没有)关系

315 from head to foot 浑身 head for 朝。。行走; hold one's head high 趾高气扬

316 be in good(poor,bad) health 健康(不健康);heart and soul 全心全意 ;learn sth. by heart 记住某事; put one's heart into 用全部精力做某事

317 can't help (to )do 不能帮忙做 can't help doing 禁不住做

318 say hello(sorry) to sb. 向某人问好(道歉)

319 help oneself to 随便用(吃);help sb. with sth.帮助某人做某事; with the help of (with one's help) 在。。帮助下;help out帮助(解决困难)

320 hesitate at/about/over sth. 对。。。迟疑不决 hesitate to do sth. 不好意思做某事

321 on /for hire 供租用 ;

322 hold back 阻止 ;hold on 坚持下去;hold up 举起; 阻挡 take( catch,get,seize) hold of抓住

323 on holiday在休假中 take(have/spend) one's holiday度(休)假

324 be/feel at home 感觉舒适 ;on one's way home 在某人回家的路上

325 in honour of为。。纪念。。。 pay(give)honour to 向。。致敬

326 in hope of( in the hope of/in the hope that)怀着。。。的希望

327 be in hospital 住院

328 go hungry 挨饿 ;be hungry for渴望

329 hurry away( off)匆忙离去; in a hurry 匆忙

330 speak ill of sb.说某人坏话

331 impress(sth.) on/upon(sb.) 使某人对某物印象深刻;be deeply impressed by 对。。。印象深刻

332 out of question 毫无疑问; out of the question =impossible不可能

333 increase to 增加到(指总数) ;increase by增加了(指幅度)

334 for an instant 一瞬间 ;the instant(名词词组当连词用引导时间状语从句 )=as soon as一。。。就 。。。; in an instant 立刻;马上

335 instead of= in place of代替

336 intend to do sth. 企图做。。。intend sb. to do sth.打算让某人做某事

337 with the intention of 抱有。。目的

338 take(have,feel)(no) interest in 对。。感(不感)兴趣; to one's interest使某人感兴趣的是。。。; with interest 怀着兴趣 ; be/feel interested in 对。。。感兴趣

339 introduce sb( oneself ) to sb.else把某人(自己)向他人介绍

340 join…to… 把。。。和。。。连接起来; join up 连接起来 ;join sb. 和某人一起 ;join (sb.) in… 参加(某人)某项活动

341 play a joke on sb. 开某人的玩笑; make a joke about sb. ( sth. )以某人(物)为笑柄 ; make/take a journey to 到。。。去旅行

342 to one's joy 使某人高兴的是..

343 judge by(from) 依据。。来判断

344 jump off 跳下(离); jump onto跳到。。。上

345 keep back 阻止 ;keep..in mind 记住 keep out 不让进入 ;keep up with 跟上 ;keep up 保持;继续 keep watch守望; keep one's promise 履行诺言

346 keep (on) doing sth. 继续做某事

347 kick off 踢落;

348 of a kind 同一类的; all kinds of=of all kinds各种各样的

349 get(fall)down on one's knees 跪下;bring sb. to his knees 迫使某人屈服

350 know of(about)(间接)知道;了解

351 make oneself known to向某人介绍自己

352 to one's knowledge 据某人所知

353 for (through) lack of 因为缺乏; lack in在。。方面缺乏

354 at large详细地 ;by and large 总的说来

355 to the last直到最后

356 late(far/deep) into the night 直到深夜

357 sit/stay up late 熬夜

358 pass the/a law 通过法律/法令;break the law 违反法律;go to law(against sb.) 打官司

359 lay the table 摆好餐具; lay aside放在一边; lay down 放下; lay off 解雇; lay stress(emphasis)on 强调