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526 in short supply 供应不足; be short of 缺乏, in short 总之; take a short cut 走捷径 ;for short 简称 ; run short of… 缺乏; cut short打断(某人的话)

527 look over one's shoulder 透过某人的肩膀看; shoulder by shoulder=side by side 肩并肩;shoulder one's way 用肩推挤前进

528 (be) on show 在展出; show sb. around…领某人参观;show off炫耀

529 shut off 切断; shut up 关闭; shut down 停工

530 fall sick=fall ill 生病 ;be sick of 讨厌; be sick for 渴望

531 take( be on) the side of 支持某人(方); lie on one's side 侧卧

532 catch sight of 发现,看见; within sight 在视线范围内; out of sight在视线范围外;

lose sight of 看不见

533 in silence 寂静地; keep silence 保持寂静(沉默); break silence 打破寂静(沉默)

534 be similar to 和。。。类似

535 in size/colour/area…在大小(颜色/面积。。。)方面

536 be slow in doing sth. 干某事很迟钝;slow down 减速

537 smooth away difficulties 消除困难

538 and so on 等等 ; or so 大约; so far迄今为止

539 keep body and soul together 维持生命;

540 throw one's heart and soul into the work 全神贯注地工作 ;heart and soul=whole-heartedly 全心全意地

541 spare no efforts(pains) 不遗余力

542 not to speak of 更不用说, speak( think) highly of 高度赞扬 ,speak out大胆说出,speak up 大声(清楚)地讲, generally speaking 一般来讲

543 with all( great) speed很快地, at full( top,high,low) speed全(高、低)速; at a speed of…以。。。速度

544 keep up one's spirit 振作精神

545 on the spot 当场,在现场

546 spy on 暗中注视

547 stage by stage 逐步地

548 stand for=represent代表,象征,stand behind支持

549 glare at sb./sth. 怒目而视, stare at sb./sth. 盯着

550 start off( for)出发,动身

551 to start( begin) with 首先

552 starve to death 饿死

553 take steps( measures) to do 采取措施

554 stick to 坚持,粘住

555 bring …to a stop 使。。。停(终)止; come to a stop 停止

556 be on a strike在罢工

557 struggle against/with同。。。作斗争 , struggle for=fight for为。。。而斗争, struggle to one's feet挣扎着站起来

558 substitute A for B用 A 代替 B, in substitution for代替

559 all of a sudden=suddenly 突然

560 suffer from 受。。。的苦,患病

561 suit.. into… 使。。适合。。。, follow the suit跟着做

562 be superior to 优于 , be inferior to 劣于

563 supply sb./sth with sth. 向某人提供某物, supply sth.for sb. 向某人提供某物,be in short supply供应不足

564 in support of 支持,拥护; make sure 弄确实 ;for sure(certain) 确切,肯定 ,be sure of oneself有信心

565 in surprise 惊奇地,to one's surprise使某人吃惊的是; take…by surprise 突袭

566 be surrounded by/with 被。。包围(围住)

567 swallow up 吞没

568 go for a swim 去游泳

569 switch off 关掉 ,switch on 打开

570 take down 记下, take off脱下,起飞; take up 从事,占去时间(空间),开始学习; take on 呈现; take care of 照顾,保管; take out 拿出; take for误认为;take sth. for granted 认为某事物理所当然

571 talk of sb./sth.谈/说到某人(某事)

572 carry out a task 执行任务, carry out a plan完成计划

573 make tea 沏茶

574 tear up撕毁, tear down 扯下

575 in one's teens 十几岁时,in his thirties 在他三十几岁时

576 take one's temperature 量体温

577 in terms of 用。。。的话,根据

578 be terrified of 对。。。害怕

579 to one's terror 使某人惊恐的是。。。, have terror of sth. 对某事感到恐慌

580 no other than 正是,就是 ;no other…than 除去(外)

581 now and then 间或

582 think about/of 考虑,想出 ;think of 想起 , 认为( as) think out想透 ;think over熟虑

583 to this day 直到今天

584 all through 一直 be through with 完成; get through 接通电话 ;break through 突破

585 throw away扔掉throw on 匆匆地穿上; throw off 匆匆地脱下; throw up吐出

586 at a time一次;at the same time 同时; at one time曾经,一度 ;in time 及时;on time 准时;have a good time 过得愉快 ;ahead of time 提前 ;at times/from time to time 间或 ;in no time =immediately=right now(then) 立刻

587 tire out 疲劳 ;be tired of 对。。。厌烦

588 together with 同。。一起; get together 聚集,召集

589 too…to 太。。而不能 too much太多(副词), 太多(形容词,后接不可数名词); too many 太多(形容词,后接可数名词复数); much too太(修饰形容词或副词) 590 in total=in all 总计 a total of总共

591 keep in touch with 与。。。保持联络 ;get in touch with 与。。保持联系 ;make a tour/go on a tour 旅行; make a world tour 周游世界

592 treat…as 把。。当作

593 tremble with 因。。而发抖

594 play a trick(tricks) on 开。。的玩笑

595 get into trouble 陷入麻烦; have trouble( difficulty /danger…) in doing sth.做。。。有麻烦(困难/危险)

596 come true 实现

597 try on 试穿;try one's best to do尽最大的努力试验

598 take turns to do sth.轮流做某事; by turns轮流地; turn down拒绝,把。。。开小; turn up 把。。。开大; turn in 上交; turn on( off) 开(关); turn…into…使。。成为; turn out结果是,生产; turn over 打翻,翻阅(书籍等)

599 up and down 上上下下 ,来回地

600 up to 达到(某个数量)

601 make use of 利用 ,It is no use doing sth. 干某事无用

602 used to do sth. 过去常干某事; be/get used to doing 习惯于干某事; be used to do sth.被用来干某事

603 as usual 和往常一样

604 enlarge/enrich one's vocabulary 扩大/丰富词汇

605 at the top of one's voice 高声地; in a low voice 低声地

606 vote against(for) 投票反对( 赞成), vote in favour of 投票支持

607 wait for等待 , wait on 服侍

608 wake up 唤醒

609 be at war 交战 ,go to war 参战

610 warm up (使)暖起来,(使)活泼起来

611 wash away 冲掉

612 by road ( water)走陆(水)路

613 by way of 取道,经由; by the way 顺便说说; have a long way to go还要做出努力; in this( that) way 用这种(那种)方法; on one's way to在去。。的路上; stand in one's way阻扰; lose one's way 迷路

614 wear out 穿破,磨坏

615 be welcome to do sth./to sth.可随意做某事,可随意取用某物

616 do well in在某方面做得很好, as well 也,还; as well as 也,同样,又; be well( badly) off 富裕(贫穷); may as well do 不妨做。。。

617 take… as a whole 把。。。当一个整体 ;on the whole整体上

618 against one's will 违反意愿地

619 wipe away 擦掉,清楚掉 ,wipe off 擦去,把。。。擦干净

620 wish for sth. 希望得到 , wish sb. to do sth. 希望某人做某事 ,wish to do sth 希望做某事 , Best wishes.祝好 wish sb sth.( wish you good luck)祝愿某人某事

621 with the help of ( with sb's help) 在。。帮助下

622 It is no wonder that 不足为奇; do ( work) wonders创造奇迹

623 in other words 换言之; at work在工作, work out 计算出,解出; work on 从事。。。

624 worry about=be worried about担心

625 be worth (doing) 值得做某事 ,be worthy of 值得,配得上

626 year by year 逐年

627 do wrong 做错,冤枉;be wrong with 出毛病; go wrong 出错