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优雅绵长:Roses and gold

来源:天星 更新日期:2013-10-15 点击:


歌手:Robin Jackson  专辑:Dust Diaries

熟悉小编、熟悉天星Ez英语English Songs的童鞋们应该知道,小编可是不折不扣的前奏党:不需要一首完整的歌,仅凭旋律就让让人无法抗拒,这就是音乐的魅力哦!这首歌就如此哦,鼓点清晰、旋律流畅、绵长,大提琴的伴奏更为前奏增添了独特的魅力。

Moonshine, oh cover me in moonshine,
and I will fill your cup with 
sentimental tales of raspberry wine
Cause I’ve been singing these cowboy tears since we came to an end
and Im writing snake oil poems 
and drinking alabast gin
Like a kite in the wind
I’m caught in a spin
I’m out on a limb
Sweet dreams oh cover me
in sweet dreams
and i will paint you a story of
roses and gold, and bittersweet things
It’s time to say hello to
These lonesome lullabies
and ride into the journey of a new sunrise
And may our river of tears
wash away all our fears
and make it perfectly clear
Sweet pie, oh mama make me
some sweet pie
fill it with whatever makes it better
and will cause my eyes to dry
And I pray to mother mary,
great spirit and the holy fool
That we listen to each other and
take heed of the golden rule
That you do unto me
what I do unto you
and we both see it through
Soft grace, oh cover me in soft grace
and I’ll fashion you a cup of forgiveness, gypsum, nettle and lace
Cause the poetry that you’ve
put inside my heart
rattles like a ‘57 engine about to start
Like a kite in the wind
I’m caught in a spin
I’m out on a limb
Rain dance oh do a little rain dance
call in the clouds and thunder to
wash away this sorrowful trance
And we’ll bath in rose petal fire
while the whill-o-whisps sing
and purify our eyes with water
from the holy spring
And in the days that were old
may the story that’s told
be one of Roses and Gold