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Man: Hey, look at the man running down the street. I wonder what’s happening.

Woman: He could be running for exercise.

Man: But he’s wearing a suit. He might be late for work.

Woman: He looks kind of afraid. (pause) Oh, no! What’s that?

Man: Where?

Woman: There’s something in the sky.

Man: It could be a plane.

Woman: No, it can’t be a plane. It’s too big. It must be a UFO.

Man: A UFO? What’s going on?

Woman: Look, now the UFO is landing…

Man: And there’s something strange getting out. It must be an alien.

Woman: And the alien is running after the man! I must be dreaming.

Man: Maybe we should call the police. (pause) Hey, wait a minute. What’s that?

Woman: Where?

Man: Over there.

Woman: It’s a woman with a camera.

Man: She could be from the TV news.

Woman: No, look at all those other people. They’re actors. Oh! They must be making a movie.