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Man: Welcome to the English club. Today we’re going to talk about the best ways to learn English. Does anyone learn English by watching videos?

Girl 1: No. It’s too hard to understand spoken English.

Boy 1: What about keeping a diary in English? Do you learn English that way?

Girl 1: Yes, I do. It helps to write English every day.

Boy 2: Have you ever studied with a group?

Girl 2: Yes, I have! I’ve learned a lot that way.

Boy 2: Do you have conversations with friends in English?

Girl 2: Oh, yes. It really improves my speaking skills.

Girl 1: What about reading aloud to practice pronunciation?

Boy 1: I do that sometimes. I think it helps.

Girl 2: I do, too. And I often look up new words in a dictionary.

Boy 2: That’s a great idea!