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Unit 2 Colours and Clothes听力部分。



No.1.There is a map of the world in the classroom.

No.2.We are ready for school.

No.3.The sun comes out after the rain.

No.4.Maybe he catches a cold.

No.5.Don’t forget to take your umbrella.




No.6.I like this blue skirt.

No.7.Let’s go shopping.

No.8.What colour are his shoes?

No.9.How many pairs of socks do you have?

No.10.Whose shirt is this?





M: Do you like blouses, Jenny?

W: Yes! Blouses are my favourite clothes. 

M: What colour do you like?

W: Purple. I like purple blouses.

Question No.11: What are Jenny’s favourite clothes?



W: What do you like to do?

M: I like to play basketball, and our team have won a few games.

W: Great! Can you teach me to play basketball? 

M: Of course.

Question No.12: What are the speakers talking about?



W: Is this a photo of your family, Mike?

M: Yes.

W: Who is the man in black in the photo?

M: My brother.

Question No.13:Who is the man in black in the photo?



M: Mum, look at the picture. This woman looks beautiful in her clothes.

W: Let me have a look. Oh, the clothes are really colourful. 

M: Where is the woman from?

W: She is from Yunnan. She’s wearing traditional clothes. 

M: May I have this kind of clothes?

W: Of course you can.
Question No.14: Where is the woman in the picture from?

Question No.15: What is the woman in the picture wearing?



W: Jim, is that your brother Peter?

M: No, he’s my classmate Frank.

W: What does your brother look like?

M: He is tall and thin, and he has curly black hair.

W: Is he a student in our school?

M: Yes. He is in Class Five, Grade Eight. He always wears jeans and sports shoes.

Question No.16: Who is Peter?

Question No.17: What does Peter look like?

Question No.18: What does Peter always wear?





W: It is Sunday today. Anna goes shopping with her mother. She wants her mother to buy a new coat for her. In Shop A, she finds a green coat, but it’s too small for her. Anna doesn’t like other colours. Her mother tells her to go to another shop to have a look. Then they go to Shop B. The shop is big and they see many kinds of coats in different colours and sizes. Anna tries on a green one. It looks nice on her. So they take it for fourteen dollars.

Question No.19: Who does Anna go shopping with?

Question No.20: What does Anna want to buy?

Question No.21: What does Anna think of the green one in Shop A?



M: Hello, I’m Jack. I’m an English teacher. This is my bag. It is a black bag. Black is my favourite colour. This is my son. His name is David. He likes blue best. He has a blue computer. This is my daughter. Her name is Lucy. She is 10 years old. There are five pencils on the desk. All these pencils are Lucy’s. This is my wife. She likes playing baseball very much. She often plays it in the afternoon. This is my cousin, Andy. He is in the library now.

Question No.22: What colour does Jack like best?

Question No.23: How old is Lucy?

Question No.24: Whose pencils are these on the desk?

Question No.25: Where is Andy now?




M: I’m Li Ming. I’m a student. Look! These are my clothes. This is a yellow sweater. I like it. That shirt is too big for me. But the coat is just right for me. Those orange pants are my favourite. They are from my mum. They are nice! I like my new hat, too. It’s red. It’s my favourite colour.