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Unit 4 Foodand Restaurants听力部分。 



No.1.She eats fish but not meat.

No.2.Jim is in the corner store.

No.3.He takes down the old picture from the wall.

No.4.It is time for breakfast.

No.5.Chinese is difficult, but it is still very interesting for me.




No.6.What’s for breakfast, Li Ming?

No.7.Are you ready to order?

No.8.What would you like to buy?

No.9.How much is this green T-shirt?

No.10.Do you want to come with me?





W: What fruit would you like, Peter?

M: I want some oranges, Sue.

W: But there are only pears in the fridge.

M: OK! A pear, please.

Question No.11:What are in the fridge?



M: Can I help you?

W: Yes. I would like a bowl of beef noodles.

M: Anything to drink?

W: I would like a can of cola.

Question No.12: Where is the woman?



M: Would you like a cup of tea?

W: No, thanks. Please give me a cup of coffee.

M: OK.

Question No.13: What does the girl want?



M: Mom, I’m hungry. What do we have for lunch today?

W: How about chicken noodles?

M: Sounds good! What do we need?

W: We need some noodles, chicken, two cabbages and two eggs. Can you get them for me?

M: Sure, here you are.

W: Thanks. It will be ready soon.

M: Oh, that must be delicious. I can’t wait!

Question No.14: Where are the two speakers?

Question No.15: How many kinds of things does the woman need?



W: Good morning, sir. Can I help you?

M: Yes, I’d like a hamburger.

W: What kind of hamburger would you like?

M: A chicken hamburger, please.

W: Any drinks? Just like fruit juice or tea?

M: Oh, yes, I’d like a glass of juice with some ice in it.

W: OK. A chicken hamburger and a glass of juice with some ice.

M: Yes, you’re right. How much are they?

W: They are twenty-eight yuan.

M: All right. Here is the money.

Question No.16: What kind of hamburger does the man want?

Question No.17: What would the man like to drink?

Question No.18: How much should the man pay?





M: It is seven o’clock. Paul and some of his good friends plan to have dinner in a Chinese restaurant. Now they are ordering their food. Kate would like a big bowl of dumplings with meat and cabbage. Eric is different. He orders some fish and rice. What will Linda eat? She would like a small bowl of tomato and egg noodles. How about Paul? A small delicious cake!

Question No.19: What time is it?

Question No.20: What would Eric like to eat?

Question No.21: Who would like to have noodles?



W: I am Susan. I’m an English girl. Now I’m in China with my parents. I like Chinese food. I have breakfast at home. I eat an egg, some bread and beans for breakfast. I have lunch at school. I often have noodles or dumplings. My favourite food is tomato noodles. Sometimes I eat rice, meat and vegetables for lunch. I always have dinner with my parents. Sometimes we go out to have dinner. We are happy in China.

Question No.22: Where is Susan now?

Question No.23: What does Susan have for breakfast?

Question No.24: Where does Susan have lunch?

Question No.25: Who does Susan have dinner with?




M: Li Wei is a Chinese boy. Do you want to know about his eating habits? For breakfast, he often has bread and a glass of milk. Sometimes he has two eggs. For lunch, he often eats noodles or rice. His favourite food is tomato and egg noodles. For dinner, he sometimes eats hamburgers, but his mother doesn’t want him to eat hamburgers. She wants him to have porridge.