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Girl: My six-year-old brother started school this week.

Boy: Oh, that’s good. Life was great when I was six.

Girl: Really? Why?

Boy: Oh, school was really easy.

Girl: Not for me. I didn’t use to like tests. Now I don’t worry about tests, but I really used to be very nervous about them.

Boy: But the tests in primary school were easy!

Girl: Well, yes, they weren’t too difficult. But I guess I wasn’t used to them yet. I think I still like high school more than primary school.

Boy: But we used to play every day after school. Now we just study all the time.

Girl: Yeah, but we used to have to wear the school uniform. Now we can wear whatever we like.

Boy: I don’t mind wearing a school uniform. I don’t like thinking about what to wear every day! I do remember one bad thing about primary school though. I used to hate P.E. class. Now I love it.

Girl: Oh, me, too!