【Unit 04 Section A 1b】九上-人教版-教材帮
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Conversation 1 Bob: Mario, is that you? Mario: Yeah, it is. It’s Bob! Hey guys, it’s Bob! I haven’t seen you for four years! Bob: Yeah. I’m here with my parents. We’re visiting for a couple of days. Wow, Mario, you look different! You used to be short, didn’t you? Mario: Yes, I did. Now I’m tall. And so are you! Bob: That’s true. And you used to wear glasses. Conversation 2 Bob: Hey, Amy, it’s great to see you. Amy: Hi, Bob. How are you? Bob: Fine. Wow, you’ve changed! Amy: Really? How? Bob: You used to have short hair. Amy: You remember that? Yes, I did. Bob: And you used to be really tall! Amy: Not anymore. You’re taller than me now, Bob. Conversation 3 Tina: Hiya, Bob. Bob: Hi, Tina. You’ve changed, too. Tina: Oh, yeah? Bob: You have blonde hair! Tina: Yeah, it used to be red, didn’t it? Bob: And it’s straight! Tina: Yeah, it used to be curly.