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Wu Yu: Hey Jane, what do you know about Halloween?

Jane: Oh, it’s a popular festival in North America.

Wu Yu: We don’t really celebrate it in China. I know that it’s in October, right?

Jane: Yes, October 31st. It’s a scary festival, but I think it’s fun!

Wu Yu: What do people do on that day?

Jane: Many people make their houses look scary. They may turn off the lights and light candles. They sometimes also put things like spiders and ghosts around the doors and windows.

Wu Yu: Wow, that sounds quite scary!

Jane: It’s not that bad. Even little kids dress up as ghosts or black cats. They can also dress up as fun things like cartoon characters. Some parents join in the fun by dressing up, too!

Wu Yu: Do parents take their children around the neighborhood to ask for candies and treats?

Jane: Yeah. Kids say“Trick or treat!”at every house. This means that if you don’t give them a treat, they’ll play a trick on you!

Wu Yu: It sounds like a really fun festival! I wonder if it’ll ever become popular in China.