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Conversation 1

Boy: Could you tell me where there’s a good place to eat?

Clerk: Of course. There are a lot of good restaurants in Sunville. What kind of food are you looking for?

Boy: I’d like fresh vegetables.

Clerk: I’d try Green Land. They have delicious salads.

Conversation 2

Girl: Do you know if there are any public restrooms around here?

Clerk: Yes. You’ll find some at the corner of Market and Middle Streets.

Girl: Umm…are they clean?

Clerk: Oh, yes. They’re very clean.

Conversation 3

Mother: Could you tell me if there is a good museum in Sunville?

Clerk: Well, we have several. What kind of museums do you like—History? Science? A children’s museum?

Father: What about history? I like history museums. They’re fascinating.

Girl 1:Oh, Dad! History museums are boring. Let’s go to a science museum.

Boy: Science? We always go to science museums. I want to go to a children’s museum. They’re more fun.

Girl 2: Well, I’m too old for a children’s museum. Why don’t we go to an art museum?

Clerk: Why don’t you go to the computer museum? There are a lot of fun things for children there. You can learn all about the history of computers, as well as learn about science.

Mother: That’s a great idea! Let’s go to the computer museum.