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Anna: Mom, can I go to the shopping center with John? He just got his driver’s license.

Mom: No way! I don’t think sixteen-year-olds should be allowed to drive. They aren’t serious enough. I’m worried about your safety.

Anna: But Gaby’s getting her ears pierced at the shopping center and I want to watch.

Mom: Sixteen-year-olds shouldn’t be allowed to get their ears pierced either. They’re too young.

Anna: I agree, but it’s fun to watch. Can I take the bus then?

Mom: Well, OK.

Anna: Great! I want to buy a new skirt, too.

Mom: What kind of skirt? Maybe I should go with you.

Anna: Aww, Mom. I’m not a child. I think teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes.

Mom: Well, I just want to make sure you get something nice.